Who can be a member of the WPPSA?

Any full-time weekly-paid (non-union) employee can be a member of the WPPSA (Monthly-paid employees should consider joining the PPSA.)

What is the mission of the WPPSA?

The WPPSA represents all full-time weekly-paid (non-union) professional employees on one of the university’s main decision-making bodies: University Council and its committees.

The WPPSA’s primary goal is to represent the interests of its membership throughout all the segments of the University of Pennsylvania community.

Any full-time weekly-paid (non-union) employee can be a member of the WPPSA. Members of the WPPSA can sit on University Committees charged with making recommendations on issues of diversity, fairness, and policy-making.

Members of the WPPSA also initiate programs of interest for the membership and the university community.

What are the goals of the WPPSA ?

  • Provide opportunities for full-time weekly-paid professional staff to discuss and contribute to various university issues, through appointed positions on university committees.
  • Inform staff about programs/speakers that might 1) enhance and develop employees’ professional/personal lives, or 2) address the needs and concerns of full-time weekly-paid professional staff by providing motivation, leadership, support, and humanitarianism.

Accomplishments of the WPPSA:

  • Obtain seats for weekly-paid staff on the University Council and its Committees
  • Increase the visibility of full-time weekly-paid staff within the University environment
  • Advocate for child care benefits
  • Advocate for equal access to retirement benefits among staff
  • Advocate for greater mentoring and career counseling at Penn

What can the WPPSA do for you?

  • Network with key University organizations (Resource Centers , VPUL, Business Services, and other staff associations)
  • Meet diverse weekly-paid staff from every school
  • Meet with Penn leadership
  • Participate in service projects
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Plan events
  • Work on our website
  • Marketing and communication
  • Public speaking
  • Planning, organization and strategy
  • Lead meetings
  • Influence the Penn Environment
  • Provide feedback for WPPSA Reps on University Council Committees
  • Influence the priorities of the WPPSA Chair and Co-Chair (who meet with the University President and Provost)
  • Work with U of Penn Administration