Success Stories

What do our members like about WPPSA?
Learn more about how WWPSA has complimented our members UPenn experience.

“Donna and I met at an HR seminar presented through the School of Medicine a few years ago.  Later in the year, winter, Donna asked if I would be interested in checking out this holiday lunch offered by the WPPSA. After that day I decided to learn more about the WPPSA and see if in some small way help. Donna and I have remained friends and although things get hectic we are connected inspirit.  Donna and I are now helping the WPPSA as best as we are able. I met Laura and Maureen at a WPPSA meeting.  I went with Maureen as a volunteer for the last employee fair held before COVID.   I met different services the university offers from the Penn Credit Union, (where I just recently opened an account), to the Ombudsman (where I later contacted when I was in a situation and it was important for someone to listen).  There are lot of things to know about Penn outside our respective departments and you never known when you may tap into those resources as well as meet good people.” –Cynthia

“Often times as a new employee I felt overwhelmed and a little intimated by the expanse that is UPENN. WPPSA helped me navigate and understand the structure of the many departments and centers on campus, after joining I no longer felt alone or isolated, I now have a great network of colleagues and have formed many long-lasting friendship with the members of WPPSA which continues many years later. I feel an org like WPPSA is widely needed, especially in the current times in which most weekly paid folks feel that they don’t have a voice or anyone who they can turn to for help.” –Rosa

“I attended the September WPPSA meeting after hearing about it in a recent Career Navigator session.  I attended my first WPPSA meeting to network and find meaningful ways to engage with others across the campus.  During the meeting, the leadership team provided an overview of various committees serving under University Council that has openings for WPPSA representation.  I requested to be on the Diversity and Equity committee because 1) I support the DEI initiative at PennGSE and 2) I am interested in learning how DEI initiatives are being addressed across campus.  This was a unique opportunity to collaborate with leaders, faculty, staff and students to be proactive in the evolution of DEI across the campus.” –Miriam

“When I first became a Penn employee, everythingwas new to me. I was new to the university and the city of Philadelphia. Iwanted to find a way to get to know the university and people. I found WPPSAand joined. I was involved with WPPSA for a few years and I was able to learnso much about the university and its governance and the amazing people thatmake up Penn’s workplace. WPPSA has helped me improve my professionalconfidence and boosted my skillset to be able to transition from anAdministrative Assistant in University Life to a Program Coordinator in thePerelman School of Medicine.” –Thalia