Call for Elections

WPPSA is excited to announce our FY23 Call for Nominations! Board and University Council Committees positions are available. Institutional service, including WPPSA Board and University Council positions are a great way to learn more about the University, engage and network with key Administration and organizations as well make meaningful contributions to the University community. Please see WPPSA Bylaws for more information on open positions. If you or a colleague you know are interested, please email Maureen Goldsmith by by April 29th with a brief bio and explanation of interest in open chair or committee seats. Elections will be held online/anonymously in Mid-May. Nominations for colleagues are also encouraged. To learn more about WPPSA, please visit our website. 

Open Board Positions:  

Secretary (3rd Executive Officer): The Secretary will be responsible for the recording and reporting of the WPPSA leadership and WPPSA monthly general meeting minutes. Such minutes should be available to any weekly paid, full-time, non-union University employee upon request.  

Treasurer 2 (co-4th Executive Officer): The Treasurer 2 is the co-4th executive officer (trains with existing Treasurer) of the WPPSA. The Treasurer will be held accountable and responsible for handling the finances and maintaining all financial records of the Board. Such records should be made available for audit upon request from the Board.  

University Council Committees (The minimum term to serve on a particular University Council committee is 1 year, while the maximum to serve on a particular University Council committee is 3 years. Eligible WPPSA University Council committee representatives may hold more than one seat on a committee but are not recommended to hold more than 3.):  

Committee on Academic and Related Affairs (CARA) – 2 seats  

Committee on Campus and Community Life – 2 seats  

Committee on Diversity & Equity – 2 seats  

Committee on Facilities – 2 seats  

Committee on Personnel Benefits – 3 seats  

Committee on Open Expression (OE) – 2 seats  

University Committee for Honorary Degree (UCHD) – 1 seat   

and ad hoc committees:  

Committee on Committees – 1 seat  

Models of Excellence Committee – 1 seat  

For detailed information on University Council: